A guest contribution in English

24. August 2012: Gastbeitrag: Die Vögel vorm Fenster

Hier einmal ein Gastbeitrag von Eric, daher auf Englisch. Er erzählt mir gelegentlich, was sich vor seinem Wohnzimmerfenster tut, wo er regelmäßig Futter für die Vögel auslegt, und da habe ich ihn gefragt, ob er nicht mal Lust hätte, dies für die Blog-Leser aufzuschreiben. Ich wünsche viel Spaß bei der Lektüre. Unten gibt’s noch ein paar wichtige Vokabeln und ein passendes Foto, für das ich Simon vom PGS danke sage 🙂

I am often woken by the harsh call of a magpie complaining about the lack of breakfast. Then I fragment a few toasties (teacakes) and put them out. Within a few minutes the gang’s all there: magpies looking like flying liquorice allsorts with their dramatic contrast of black and white feathers, ravens as large as broiler chickens, with their long pointed beaks and gleaming black eyes and bluish black feathers, a sinister presence that always reminds me of Wotan, the Germanic deity of wisdom and war, who was always accompanied by his two ravens Hugin and Munin. Even without knowing this, I always feel that ravens have a rather uncanny presence, they are supercilious and dominant and walk with an odd, stiff gait like arthritis patients. I believe ravens are among the most intelligent of birds, but understandably very wary considering that they have been hunted for centuries. In fact, I have a large plastic model of a raven on my “coffee” table (more like a book and DVD table these days). Then of course there are blackbirds, chickadees nuthatches, house sparrows, spotted woodpeckers who always remind be of military policemen with their bright red cap, starlings, occasionally jackdaws with their startling light blue eyes and light grey head feathers (jackdaws are also pretty bright; scientific trials have proved that they can count to at least six), jays – very aggressive against other species – chaffinches and now and then a robin. Two plumpish pigeons have recently also started turning up, strutting around like Billy Dainty (remember him?) and making their funny gurgling noises. Don’t get many great bustards though (unless you count one of my neighbours always complaining about my trees ha ha). Sometimes I stand at the window gently encouraging the small fry to tuck into the crumbs and seeds before the heavy mob arrives – the corvid types with their bad tempered, aggressive manner; they swoop down like helicopter gunships and the smaller birdies immediately do a runner.

Magpie = Elster
Raven = Raben
Broiler chicken = Brathähnchen
Blackbirds = Amseln
Chickadees = Meise
Nuthatches = Kleiber
House sparrows = Spatzen
Woodpecker = Buntspecht
Starlings = Star
Jackdaws = Dohlen
Jays = Eichelhäher
Chaffinches = Buchfink
Robin = Rotkehlchen
Pigeons = Tauben


2 Gedanken zu “A guest contribution in English

  1. Morgenländer 24. August 2012 / 18:20

    Ein wunderbarer Gastbeitrag, danke!

    Eine Nachfrage: sind es wirklich Raben vor dem Fenster oder Rabenkrähen?

    • OneBBO 25. August 2012 / 09:11

      Du hast Recht, ich habe nachgefragt: Es sind Rabenkrähen! (carrion crows)

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